About Us

Finalti is an online and offline financial literacy training home for young people, business
professionals, entrepreneurs and everybody.

Finalti is registered as a not-for-profit. organization

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Our Vision

To invest financial literacy in people and to instill in people the power of financial

About Founder

Godwin-Xavier Ayeebo

Godwin-Xavier Ayeebo is an Accountant and a Financial Literacy Activist. He has work
experience with a number of organizations both multi-nationals and local ones. He has the
passion for Financial Literacy education to help solve societal financial problems.

He started writing articles on Financial Literacy in 2009 and has published few articles on the
subject. He has been invited a good number of times for Financial Literacy Conferences and
seminars by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). He has
been invited by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center, (GFLEC) which is based in the
USA to submit papers on “Call for Papers” with the center and also to participate in a number of
online financial literacy seminars. He gets updates on financial literacy from the National
Financial Educators Council, (NFEC) in the USA and also follows a dozen other financial
literacy authoritative interest groups.