Best Passive Income Ideas

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Best Passive Income Ideas

“People recognize intellectual property the same way they recognize real estate. People understand what property is. But it’s a new kind of property, and so the understanding uses new control surfaces. It uses a new way of defining the property.” (Michael Nesmith)

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Human beings depend on some form of income to survive on earth. One other type of income is Passive Income.

Passive income is income earned from intellectual property and or real estate.

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Passive income is income derived from a rented property such as houses, warehouses, office spaces. It is also income derived from royalties, patent rights, copyrights, screenplay royalties, royalties from movies, books, television, and all other forms of intellectual property rights.

It also includes rent received and income earned from internet advertisements on websites or blogs. Passive income earns a lot and does not necessarily need your physical strength, especially at the revenue earning stage.

Initially, a lot of effort would be required but as the project starts generating revenue; it would not need your effort again.

For instance, it costs a lot to put up a building for rent. It takes much effort and time to create an intellectual property like writing a book, a song, creating or inventing something that can be monetized.

However, after creating them, they generate income independently for the owner. Passive income could be income to you on regular basis without much effort from you again.

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Passive income could only be derived if we use our brains to create or invent things and become the originators of those inventions and or discoveries.

You are fully entitled to the rights and benefits of intellectual property if you are the one who invented or discovered it and had legal backing to protect it.

We have different types of intellectual people: the technical (T) people, the people’s (P) people, the analytical (A) people, and the creative (C) people.

All these categories could do something that could entitle them to some form of intellectual property rights but the creative (c) people are the group that gets unimaginable passive income from their creativity. As the saying goes, “the ‘C’ students employ the ‘A’ students.”

The creative people are mostly actors, artists, artists or musicians, inventors, comedians, scientists, creators, inventors, who invent and have discoveries, and also entrepreneurs, who invent and innovate new products, methods, and systems.

Creative people have powerful thinking processes and they use these to create more things that create more money for themselves and generations.

All over the world, it is known that we have landlords/ladies and tenants.

These two are not the same; the landlords are like entrepreneurs or employers.

The tenant is like the employee, the tenant pays rent to their landlords periodically and this is completely passive income enjoyed by the landowners.

They originally had to spend maybe their earned or portfolio income to put up these structures and turn them into income-generating ventures, earning them some rental income.

Anybody could be a passive income earner. But the creative (C) people who spend their time meditating and planning deeply to invent new things are the true intellectual property owners.

Creativity has nothing to do with the level of your classroom education or formal education. Everybody has some creative uniqueness and it can be explored to be exploited.

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Thomas Alva Edison, who is the greatest and highest patent rights holder and still has not been beaten had just three months of formal education.

He lacked nothing as far as creativity was concerned. He had a powerful thinking process and he made sure he had legal backing for his inventions. There are always thieves in the neighborhood, who even try to steal from your mind.

Thomas Edison, I believe is the most persistent and persevered person I ever read about.

He never gave up till he succeeded.

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Robert Kiyosaki wrote, “It is the way of thinking that creates assets, and once you have that way of thinking you will be richer than you ever dreamed possible.”

Henry Ford said “Thinking is the hardest work there is. That is why so few people engage in it.”

Henry Ford’s formal educational level was not up to high school, yet he was able to build an empire of wealth for generations.

He said he aimed to belt the earth with cars and he did it. He introduced mass production into the world.

I want to encourage especially the youth, who believe that they can sit down and create things to begin now.

Just begin creating to solve societal problems and you would be marveled at the exposure you would get and the money that will follow.

Smart young people should learn how to acquire assets with their creativity.

They should create something and get passive income from that thing, and use the money to buy another thing they desire.

Creative people don’t necessarily need to have money before they acquire property.

They could create their intellectual property, get the money from it and use that passive income to acquire that dreamed hospital, hotel, business, and all that you can dream of.

The future of the world is in the hands of creative people.

They are the people who use the right side of their brains greatly together with the left side of their brains and in maximum and consonance with their subconscious brains to create things for the world.

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